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The Mediaeval Baebes exquisite storybook opened its pages in 1996 when a group of friends broke into a North London cemetery and sang together, clad in flowing white gowns and crowns of Ivy.

Sourcing lyrics from mediaeval and romantic texts and setting them to original scores using mediaeval and folk instruments, whilst singing in an impressive array of obscure and ancient languages, the Baebes offered a beguiling musical beauty and outstanding talent...

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Veni Veni Bella

We spent an Autumn afternoon filming a video for Veni Veni Bella at St John At Hackney church in London. The song is on The Huntress which is available in our Market.



UK Christmas Carol Tour 2013

21st November
Holy Trinity Guildford

6th December
Leicester Cathedral

7th December
Norwich Cathedral

13th December
Gloucester Cathedral

14th December
Peterborough Cathedral

18th December
Wilde Theatre, Bracknell

19th December
St Sepulchre-without-Newgate,
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