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Mediaeval Baebes Victoriana and Christmas Carol Tour

Posted by on Oct 20, 2017 in News | 0 comments

These last few months have been quite a whirlwind indeed! Not only two Emmy nominations for our theme song for the ITV drama ‘Victoria’ (written by Martin Phipps with whom we collaborated with on The Virgin Queen) but we also have great delight in announcing the release of our Victoriana album featuring the Victoria TV series theme tune.

The Victoriana album is a compilation of our songs which are musical arrangements of poems by Victorian writers who were inspired by the Mediaeval period and this is being released at the end of November 2017 to coincide with our Cathedral Christmas tour in December. If you want to receive the album first you can pre order here and this will be shipped in November just before the official release (Below is a track listing of the album)…

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Mediaeval Baebes: Victoriana Tour 2018

Posted by on Mar 20, 2017 in News, Victoriana | 0 comments

Sensual and chaste, morbid and marvelous, earthy and refined

The Mediaeval Baebes’ vocals on the haunting theme tune for the hit television series Victoria has captivated audiences in the UK and America. In 2018 the chart-topping classical choral ensemble will present a new concert featuring music inspired by the Romantic and pre-Raphaelite poets.

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Happy Christmas!

Posted by on Dec 20, 2015 in News | 2 comments

Sophie here. You find me sitting at my kitchen table in London on a somewhat cold evening, with the romantic sound of a police siren in the background.

You will have heard about our US autumn tour from the writings of Josephine Ravenheart, so I shan’t overdo on details, but we had a terrific time singing at the Maryland Renaissance Fayre, a place where you are never more than one minute from a white chocolate covered key lime pie on a stick. Or virtually any other festive food on a stick. The mead flowed, we all stocked up on headdresses from various stalls and sang our actually quite large hearts out for beautiful crowds of damsels and knights and people who’d walked out of the pages of Chaucer or Lord of the Rings…

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Sacred Spaces Tour

Posted by on Nov 4, 2015 in News | 2 comments

Mediaeval Baebes Sacred Spaces Tour, December 2015 – As the year draws to an end it is a time for reflection and celebration. What better way to glorify the season than to join the Mediaeval Baebes for a remarkable evening of music, dance and theatre in some of the UK’s most magnificent Sacred Spaces…

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