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Mediaeval Baebes Victoriana


These last few months have been quite a whirlwind indeed! Not only two Emmy nominations for our theme song for the ITV drama ‘Victoria’  (written by Martin Phipps with whom we collaborated with on The Virgin Queen) but we also have great delight in announcing the release of our Victoriana album featuring the Victoria TV series theme tune.

The Victoriana album is a compilation of our songs which are musical arrangements of poems by Victorian writers who were inspired by the Mediaeval period and this is being released at the end of November 2017 to coincide with our Cathedral Christmas tour in December. If you want to receive the album first you can pre order here and this will be shipped in November just before the official release (Below is a track listing of the album).

We also find ourselves with some new faces and a returning face too. We are extremely happy to welcome back Marie Findley one of the founding members of the Mediaeval Baebes and someone we have sorely missed. Also joining us is Anna Poole and Kathleen Ross. We also welcome Sophia Halberstam as a new member, some of you may already know Sophia as she has been performing as a stand in over the past few years. What a delightful ostentation (What would our collective noun be I wonder?) of Baebes for your delectation this Winter!

Rehearsals are underway for the winter tour, new dresses have been acquired and this month saw the periodical ‘photoshoot’. Enough to drive fear and excitement into our very bones, usually because the shoots take place in the unlikeliest of locations and there is often a fair wind that blows through the very wisps of our not-designed-to-be-worn-in-such-condition dresses. All of which is in aid of presenting you with the new line-up and the upcoming Christmas tour.

You can find the dates to or Christmas Cathedral tour here.

We will be whizzing about, visiting our favourite cathedrals. it is a wonderfully cosy time of year, so get your winter warmers on and join us where you can. We will also be singing the very theme tune to ‘Victoria’ which we are very excited about, so please come find us.

For now it is over and out until next time. We will be seeing you all very soon.

Jo x

P.S. Look out for our next newsletter where we will let you know about all our exciting plans for 2018 including our return to Canada and the USA and we will also be announcing a very special new album

Victoriana Track Listing

1. Victoria – The Suite (TV Theme Tune)

2. Queen and Huntress

3. In the Bleak Midwinter

4. The Circle of the Lustfull

5. The Lament

6. Mad Song

7. Yonder Lea

8. Under the Willow Tree

9. La Belle Dame Sans Merci

10. Kilmeny

11. The Rose Bud

12. She Walks In Beauty

13. My Lady Sleeps

14. Auld Lang Syne

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Mediaeval Baebes Victoriana Album