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The Mediaeval Baebes: Victoriana Tour 2018

Sensual and chaste, morbid and marvellous, earthy and refined

The Mediaeval Baebes’ vocals on the haunting theme tune for the hit television series Victoria has captivated audiences in the UK and America. In 2018 the chart-topping classical choral ensemble will present a new concert featuring music inspired by the Romantic and pre-Raphaelite poets.

Taking poetry and prose by such writers as John Keats, Lord Bryon, and Tennyson, music director Katharine Blake sets their words to her original music to evoke another age. The Victorian world was one of contrasts: poets and paupers, courtesans and queens. The Mediaeval Baebes explore the world of the saint and the sinner, with enchanting music that captures the imagination of a modern audience.

New music will be presented along with some of the most popular songs in the Baebes repertoire, which has gained them devoted fans from all across the world.

Talented, intelligent, and attractive women breathe renewed life into the rich texts of songs and poetry written long ago. The allure is undeniable.

Be beguiled: Victoriana 2018.