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Dear Mediaeval Fans,

Sophie here. You find me sitting at my kitchen table in London on a somewhat cold evening, with the romantic sound of a police siren in the background.

You will have heard about our US autumn tour from the writings of Josephine Ravenheart, so I shan’t overdo on details, but we had a terrific time singing at the Maryland Renaissance Fayre, a place where you are never more than one minute from a white chocolate covered key lime pie on a stick. Or virtually any other festive food on a stick. The mead flowed, we all stocked up on headdresses from various stalls and sang our actually quite large hearts out for beautiful crowds of damsels and knights and people who’d walked out of the pages of Chaucer or Lord of the Rings.

From there (which is to say Annapolis) we moved on to a base in Baltimore, a grand city centre hotel in one of those old tall buildings with a smartly dressed porter at the door, that speak of richer eras in bygone days. The sort of hotel that would have featured in a film by the Coen brothers. There, we lived it up as much as we could without actually destroying our vocal cords, whilst vanning out to various nearby locations to put on shows. We do love a bit of van time. More than one game of ‘I spy with my third eye’ was played. I want to tell you about all of our shows in so many aspects and ways, but reader, I must not lose pace.

Mediaeval Baebes at Berkeley CastleOur new DVD ‘Live at Berkeley Castle’ is now a real material object that you can touch and also watch. It was a joy to create. Who doesn’t want to spend their time in flowing dresses, walking along through tapestry lined halls and topiaried gardens, and peering into infamous dungeons at the UK’s oldest continually occupied castle? The concert itself, in the actual great hall of the castle was a delight to be part of and we hope this comes across in the viewing. More details on the DVD here.

We have just finished our tour of cathedrals and other sacred spaces in England. We’ve had such a super nice time, playing to the home crowd at St James Piccadilly, and then in the actual-almost-keeled-over-with-its-beauty Gloucester Cathedral then Brighton, Peterborough, Kings Lynn and Leicester.

Sadly, our wonderful Emily has fallen ill and had to drop out of the tour at the last minute. We all miss her and her lovely voice and hope she mends as quickly and well as possible. Katharine managed to carve up her parts cleverly between us, and we all pulled together to make everything work the same as ever.

Thank you dear people for reading. All the Baebes and I wish you a very happy Christmas and great joy in the coming year.

Lots of love,

Sophie and the Mediaeval Baebes xxx

Solo projects have also been keeping the girls busy.

Katherine Blake and Nick Marsh’s album, From The Deep is out now.